[ongoing project]



Transfăgărășan, also known as DN7C, is one of the most emblematic roads in Romania. People might consider it a symbol of a recent historical key period in the Country’s identity and configuration, yet I focus my attention towards it not only as a symbolic element in the recent Romanian history but also on a more formal level – and related to my personal experience through it.

Beyond the imposition of a two-dimensional rectangular shape that is implicit of the photographic medium, I turn to this curvy site as if I were trying to solve a complex sculptural equation while traveling through it. I let myself be carried away by the suggestive forms and materials that form this peculiar landscape to then compile all these elements on a group of photographs where I mixed my thoughts together with the formal simplicity of the photographic medium. The result of this process is a number of prints on anodyne paper that while respecting the physical volume of space, it moves it also into new mental ground.




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